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Local Entrepreneur Interviewed by “Chronicle” Co-Anchor, J.C. Monahan


Ed Pierce, Staff Reporter, Voice of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region / Posted: October 15, 2017

During a conversation with my brother-in-law, I mentioned that I was interviewing Terry Benson, a local resident who had moved to the Lakes Region a short while ago after some remarkable growth in his business. He had been a frequent visitor to the area for years and had wanted to live here on a full time basis for as long as he could remember.

Well, it seems that my brother-in-law knew someone who knew someone who knew WCVB TV’s “Chronicle” host, J.C Monahan, J-C--Monahan-jpgand after a short conversation she thought that it was just the kind of rags-to-riches “feel good” story she had been searching for.

J.C. was gracious enough to let me sit in while she interviewed Terry at his lakefront “dream house”. Below you’ll find a partial transcript of the interview J.C. conducted to get Mr. Benson’s back story before the complete story aired on “Chronicle”.

We met in the great room of Terry’s stunning post and beam home. We immediately felt welcomed as we sat by a crackling fire in the room’s centerpiece stone fireplace, snacking on veggies, cheese, and crackers.

Through the massive windows facing Lake Winnepesaukee we could see some of Mother Nature’s best work in the explosion of Fall colors.

JC – Terry, thanks for inviting us into your beautiful home. I can see by all the photos and “refrigerator art” that family is important to you.


TB- Yes JC. I dreamed about a place like this for years, but it wasn’t until the Fall of 2014 that I realized dreams come true.

JC-Tell me more about that.

TB-I was introduced to the Master Key System when I enrolled in a course led by Mark Januszewski, the World’s Laziest Networker, and his wife, the Fabulous Davene.

The World’s Laziest Networker is a bit of a misnomer. The World’s Most Efficient Networker might be more appropriate, but not as catchy!

The Master Key System was written as a correspondence course by Charles F. Haanel way back in 1912, and was later published in book form in 1916. Mark, Davene, and a host of certified guides assist everyone in discovering their DMP, or Definite Major Purpose; a more in depth, well thought out version of what was affectionately called your “Why” in network marketing circles.

The course helps you to discover your bliss, or Dharma, if you will.

After much soul searching, and help with learning “how” to think, not “what” to think, I began to design my life. Yes, quite literally design and create the life of my dreams.

JC-So, Terry, you’re saying that you can literally create the life you want? It’s not just fate or “luck of the draw”?

TB-Exactly. Most people attempt to change their outcomes instead of going within to effect the causes of those outcomes. I know, it all sounds very New Age-y, but it’s actually well documented scientifically and at its core, it’s been expressed by most of the world’s great thinkers, prophets, and teachers.

To paraphrase Einstein, no problem was ever solved from the same consciousness that created it.

JC-So tell us more about your DMP and how it has affected your life and brought you to where you are today.

TB-I had dabbled in the network marketing world for a number of years. I was always intrigued by the extraordinary  success stories of seemingly ordinary people. In the back of my mind I thought that someday I’d have my own success story, but a comfortable position as an RN let me slip into a rut, a mind numbing, dream stealing fog.

One day, all the nurses were informed that our positions were being restructured. Spell that d-o-w-n-s-i-z-e-d. In very short order I lost twenty per cent of my pay, while retaining one hundred per cent of my financial responsibilities.

You know, all of a sudden you’re in that place where there’s too much month left at the end of the money. Oy.

I realized, rather quickly, that some major changes were in order. Not only in regard to monetary reward, but also with regard to my psychic well being as well.

Then, as I had heard many times, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Enter Mark J and the Fab Davene with the MKMMA program.

I found purpose. And the Universe conspired with me.

I had been wishing for success in the network marketing arena, but I hadn’t put the “work” into the network marketing. Well, actually I had put in a lot of work, but it was misdirected.

I needed those I cared the most about to see that this wasn’t just a pipe dream. I needed them to recognize that I was “successful” so that they could trust me to guide them toward their versions of success. Their bliss. Their DMP’s.

The rest is history.

I work from this idyllic home base, doing what I love,


and being able to spend time with those who mean the most to me.

I learned a very valuable life lesson. Give more, get more.

I used to think that one day, when I finally made it, I’d be able to help some of those who were less fortunate than myself. Quite the reverse is true. The more I gave, the more I got.

So I just kept helping as many as I could. I had to get creative, and when I did, people were positively affected by it. And they thanked me for it.

I was being recognized for my creative expression and creating the liberty to live life on my own terms.

As George Takei would say, “Oh my.”During an MKMMA exercise, I had determined my Personal Pivotal Needs, or PPN’s were Liberty and Recognition For Creative Expression.

So now my kids and grandchildren come to stay with me in this little slice of Heaven on Earth.

We go boating. We go fishing. We spend holidays together. And we enjoy life. And every now and then, when the spirit moves us, we hop into my plane and head for parts unknown.


This is also a great place to invite my business partners for some brain storming mixed with plain old fashioned fun.

JC-Well, I think your piece on “Chronicle” will be very moving, and quite possibly life changing for a number of people.

TB-Thanks, JC. You never know just how many lives you’ll touch.













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