Week Twenty – A Difference In Degree

Throughout the MKMMA course we have been reminded that since I am a part of “the whole”, I must be the same in kind and quality as the whole. The only difference is one of degree.

While in a “sit” this week, I thought of two comparisons of a part being the same as the whole, with the difference being one of degree. I also noticed that the positive and negative aspects of a “thing” are determined by how we use the “thing”. The “thing” in and of itself is neither good or bad.

Take water, for example. A single drop of water.

waterdropletIt has certain properties and when together with other single drops of water, it can be life giving, or life ending.

It’s the single most important life supporting thing our body needs. In fact, we are made up of approximately 70% water.

We can enjoy recreation in the water,

oceanor we can at times,

japan-tsunamibe totally at its mercy.

Same water. Different manifestations. Differences in degree.

The same goes for fire.

A single flame


can light a room. A single flame can be used to ignite other flames.

An old saying states, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”


But fire can also wreak havoc, instill fear, and cause tremendous loss of life.


Again, a part of the whole with qualities the same as the whole. Different manifestation, far different results.

We may also create good or bad with our actions. Our results are determined by being in, or out, of harmony with the “one”.

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5 Responses to Week Twenty – A Difference In Degree

  1. samuelkawa61 says:

    Good post. What a difference a single degree can make. Understanding. You got it.

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  2. dzwaldron says:

    Love the examples! Makes me wonder how I manifest MY part of the whole? hmmm Thanks Terry!

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  3. Paul Turner says:

    Thanks, Enjoyed your post, Great Pictures explain so much more.

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  4. masterkeyannemb says:

    Thoughtful, lovely ideas. Thanks for sharing then.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Those were great break downs of each example.

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